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Hurdles of On line Business

posted Dec 2, 2013, 6:51 AM by admin chittasen   [ updated Dec 2, 2013, 6:54 AM ]


On line sale has become as one of the toughest job now a days for small and medium business. A small and medium business holder may experience many hurdles to run his or her on line business.

These hurdles of on line business are many folded and to overcome such situations are not the matter of joke for a small businessman specially in India with  limited capital resource.

Big on line AD agencies always try to suck as much as possible from the business owners,returning very little benefit to their clients. And perforce one has to approach those AD agencies due to a kind of on line monopoly.

Hundreds of on line small business are closing back their business due to such hurdles daily. There are many aspects to take in to account for failure of on line business. If one wish to be alive on line to continue business, he or she has to overcome those hurdles.

But due to lack of resources for overcoming failures of on line business, day by day small business owners are disappearing from the Internet. I will discuss all the aspects how to be remain on line overcoming the great factors of failures under present situation gradually.

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Say Hello to Bigsale India

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say hello to bigsale india
Now a days online business are facing great difficulties due to tough competitive environment. Moreover, Search engines are highly interested for paid ads.Most of the Indian small business who can not bear a big budget for their ad campaign  are suffering from bad business situations.

Also policies adapted by big search engines affecting business sites very badly even you are having a very good business domain name. As example today you are finding your site say on number one using your first key word on search engine and it may happen tomorrow your site lost the rank and go down to say on number eighty.

This may cause you a big business loss as nobody has much time to spent for searching your site surfing page after page. This has happened for thousands of business sites due to so called Panda action of a great search engine recently. Now you may be upset and thinking how to get rid of the situation and to regain your online business.

Here comes the working field of Bigsale India who knows how to promote your online sales and business. Indian small business who are facing problems for their online sales may contact Bigsale India for getting a real fruitful solution. Bigsale India experts are always ready to help your online business towards promoting your sales and business with great priority.

BigSale India Best Online Sales Promoter

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BigSale India
Just view what our clients are saying....Can you guess why our clients recommend us...We are 100% dedicated for our clients. If you are having a small online business in India,can test our services..You will be definitely happy....


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We have promoted many Indian business successfully

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Our true dedicated helping attitude to our business clients,have enabled us to promote many business in India.Within a few months our clients are getting marvelous improvement to their business.

Our aim is to help-promote the small and medium business who can not bear a big budget for Advertisement.We promote their business  on no gain no loss basis as we are only a non profit advertise platform in India rather can be said in Asian Online market.

If you are a owner of a business and want to promote your business utilizing our service network,please contact us without any hesitation


Popular Domain Sale

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Now Bigsale has started reselling of popular domains which will be very useful in Indian Online Business market. If you like to purchase a popular Domain from it's owner you can contact us for getting the same.Visit our Domain For Sale page for getting full information.

Promotes Your

Our Success Story

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Online Business Promotion
Bigsale have promoted the sale of many online business successfully.Now Bigsale has become a synonym for online business promotion.

Many online business has taken Bigsale's sale Promotion scheme with positive increase in their sale.

If you feel that you also need the assistance of Bigsale Promotion Scheme,just contact us now. We are for India business.Since Bigsale is a non profit organization you will be able to promote your business in lieu of a very minimum prices.

Promote Your Online Business

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Bigsale a non profit platform for helping Indian small Business from the grasp of BIG BUDGET AD Agencies.We show you Ads on our network in lieu of minimum service charges.We try to make a deep focus about your business on the internet to give you best results.

Our customers get very good response from the Internet marketing as we take limited companies for promotion of their business,just opposite to so called other Ad agencies.Here is a list of our service charges in brief.Details may be supplied to you on request.

List of Our Services & Charges

1.One Logo-Ad usually called Banner Ad 250x250 pixel on Bigsale Front Page [We may design your logo-ad for free if you are not having one]
2.05 more Logo-Ads 140x140 pixel of your company on the side bars of different popular websites

1.Text Ad on Side Bars of Websites usually called as key word ad.120 chars.allowed.

Service Charges:

Following are the charges for our services**
For service A: Rs.250.00 for 15 days. For 30 days Rs.500.00 only
For Service B: Rs.100.00 for 15 days. For 30 days Rs.200.00 only
For service A+B as package: Rs.900.00 only for one month.

Renewal: Within 7 days(Grace Period) after date of expiry.

** These minimum charges are applicable for Indian small business only.

We prepare final free business list manually.

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As we have found automated listing has a limitation as most of listing is done using a format with certain bindings.Many seller who do not understand SEO point of view do not get best result as they can not express actually what they want to get from the internet.

So, we allow our customers who want a free listing to express their need freely on first stage. Next our experts evaluate the entries and put it on final list considering SEO point of view to achieve best results for our customers.

This two layer listing brings very good and positive response from the online buyers.Since we do listing manually like Domz.Org( The main source of search engine listing),and it takes little time to publish on our final list.

Considering the aforesaid fact customers are suggested to be patience for final listing of their company on our online business directory.

Ads : Rs.250/- for 15 days on Front

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We offer an easy and cheapest promotional price for your Adverts on our site. To promote your sale during the festival days for the month of December 2012. We will show your Ads continuously for 15 days on our front page. This offer is valid only for Indian small Business and up to 15 January 2013. Contact us now to ensure your position on our waiting list.

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